Improving Corporate Culture

I believe that a lot of organizations are miserable places to work. Theyare Corporate Cubeworlds. And nobody is to blame. Business haveinherited their corporate culture from the Industrial Age and it justdon’t work any longer. Individuals are dissatisfied and Corporate Cubeworlds are muchless lucrative than they could be.
Before I go further, let me recognize what I mean by the Corporate
Key Attributes of the Corporate Cubeworld:
1. Work is an employee’s primary obligation in life and comes abovefamily and personal concerns (even health).
2. If a female takes some time off to raise children, she ends up being lessvalued and is deemed to be less dedicated to the company.
3. Long hours and great deals of face time are required.
4. Your title on your service card is your identity.
5. Difficult, diligent work is not enough – you need to do lots ofself-promotion and acquire the assistance of effective gamers to advance inthe Cubeworld.
6. Your chances of success are greatly increased if you look, act, and think like the leaders of the company.
7. Hierarchy is to be honored and sustained – your job is to makeyour manager look great.
8. The higher you get in the hierarchy, the more you entrust andsupervise and the less work that you actually do.
9. The point of all this is to keep climbing the business ladder.
– always grab more – compete ferociously in this win-lose game.
10. Wear your cubeface – don’t reveal human emotion, passion, or weakness.
The Conference Board launched a report on February 28, 2005 statingthat “Americans are significantly unhappy with their tasks. The decline injob fulfillment is prevalent among employees of any ages and throughout allincome brackets.” The report revealed that:.
* 25% of American workers are simply “showing up to collect a paycheck”.
* 40% of employees feel disconnected from their employers.
* Two out of every three employees do not relate to or feelmotivated to drive their companies’ service objectives and goals.
They likewise found it that loan can not purchase satisfaction. Jobsatisfaction has actually decreased throughout all earnings levels and just 14% ofworkers earning $50,000 or more a “extremely satisfied” with their tasks. Thereport says that “Rapid technological modifications, increasing productivitydemands and altering staff member expectations have all contributed to thedecline in job satisfaction.”.
My interpretation of this: the most business cultures are inherentlyrigid and inflexible and companies desires more and more from workers whoare less and less ready to surrender their lives to their jobs.
Exactly what this report shows is that there are a LOT of unhappy employees inthe Corporate Cubeworld. Is there something incorrect with all thesepeople or is it more possible that there is something inherently brokenin the Corporate Cubeworld?
There are numerous organizations that have gone beyond the Industrial Agecommand-and-control factory-oriented mindset and offer team membersopportunities to find out, grow, play, develop as individuals, and have afulfilling domesticity. These entities are to be praised and celebrated.
If, nevertheless, you discover yourself in a work environment that does notsupport your higher great, that prohibits emotions and passion, thatrequires you to wear the corporate cubeface, that punishes you forhaving a life beyond work, that has illogical rules for success like.
” work 70 hours a week and look and imitate the CEO”, then it may betime for you to thinking about going Cubeless.
What Is a Cubeless Corporation?
I wish to point you to a vision of a cubeless world. One inwhich you construct and life while you build your business. One in which youbuild numerous revenue streams, some active and some passive. One thatis incorporated with the life you want to be living.
Attributes of the Cubeless World.
1. You feel passionate about the work you do.
2. Your work is an expression of your true self.
3. You are totally free to reveal your enthusiasm and all of your othernatural, human feelings.
4. Cooperation is valued over competition.
5. Mindful parenting is viewed as essential and tough work thatadds to your value as a worker.
6. An abundance mentality supplies success for all involved, notjust those at the top.
7. Office spaces are any place you work most efficiently andefficiently (i.e. park bench, coffee shop, office).
8. Work hours are flexible and identified by your body clock, way of life, and inspiration.
9. You are totally free to pursue numerous interests all at once.
10. The point is not to climb a direct, vertical career ladder, butto try on different works, fail joyously and repeatedly, while buildingwealth, having a good time, and learning.
Do you think that I am a dreamer or idealist? Let’s remember that webuild companies to work for us. We band together to make our workmore efficient and much easier. If our companies aren’t working, then wemust change them.
The initial step in shifting from a Cubeworld to a Cubeless Company isto shift the business culture. We have the technology to go Cubeless, however many business cultures live in the shadows of fear, mistrust, andcontrol left over from the commercial period. To remain competitive intoday’s organisation climate, companies need to proactively improve theircorporate culture.

I believe that a lot of organizations are unpleasant places to work. Business haveinherited their corporate culture from the Industrial Age and it justdon’t work anymore. Let’s keep in mind that webuild companies to work for us. If our companies aren’t working, then wemust modification them.
The first action in shifting from a Cubeworld to a Cubeless Company isto move the corporate culture.